Travel Insurance Claims Advice

Certain events, such as natural disasters may affect your travel. Following is advice regarding claims related to specific events and travel providers. Should you have any questions, please contact us at 1300 135 640.

5 March 2022 - QLD and NSW Floods Advisory - 05MARCH2022

3 March 2022 - Attacks on Ukraine Travel Advisory – 03MAR2022

10 January 2022 - Tropical Cyclone Cody Advisory - 10JAN2022

14 July 2021 - Updated Coronavirus Advisory – 14JUL2021

22-Dec-2020 - Updated Coronavirus Advisory - 22DEC2020

30-Jul-2020 - Update regarding Mount Agung volcano in Indonesia - 30JUL2020

12-Mar-2020 - Coronavirus Advisory - 12MAR2020

23-Jan-2020 - Coronavirus Advisory - 23JAN2020

14-Jan-2020 - Taal Volcano (Philippines) Advisory - 14JAN2020

9-Jan-2020 - Australian Bushfires Advisory - 9JAN2020

12-Dec-2019 - Jetstar Strikes Advisory - 12DEC2019

10-Dec-2019 - New Zealand Severe Storms and Flooding Advisory - 10DEC2019

10-Dec-2019 - New Zealand White Island Volcano Advisory - 10DEC2019

25-Oct-2019 - Lebanon Protests Advisory - 25OCT2019

22-Oct-2019 - Chile Riots Advisory - 22OCT2019

7-Aug-2019 - Hong Kong Protests Advisory - 07AUG2019

27-May-2019 - Update regarding Mount Agung volcano in Indonesia - 27MAY2019

14-Mar-2019 - Boeing 737 Operations Temporarily Grounded Advisory - 14MAR2019

28-Feb-2019 - Pakistan Airspace Closure Advisory - 28FEB19

14-Sep-2018 - Super Typhoon Mangkhut Advisory - 14SEP2018

11-Sep-2018 - Hurricane Florence Advisory - 11SEP2018

7-Sep-2018 - Typhoon Jebi Advisory - 07SEP2018

23-Aug-2018 - Hurricane Lane Advisory - 23AUG2018

14-Aug-2018 - Underwriter update regarding outbreak of the Zika Virus 14-08-18

6-Aug-2018 - Lombok Earthquake Advisory - 6AUG2018

27-Jul-2018 - Vanuatu Volcano Advisory - 27JUL2018

25-Jul-2018 - Greece Fires Advisory - 25JUL2018

29-Jun-2018 - Update regarding Mt Agung Volcano Indonesia - 29 June 2018

8-May-2018 - Volcanic and tectonic activity in Hawaii

9-Apr-2018 - Tropical Cyclone Keni Advisory

6-Apr-2018 - Philippines island of Boracay Advisory

20-Feb-2018 - Cyclone Gita Advisory

5-Jan-2018 - Severe weather in United States and Canada Advisory

26-Nov-2017 - Update regarding Mt Agung Volcano Indonesia - 26 November 2017

20-Sep-2017 - Advice relating to Mexico Earthquake - 20 September 2017

18-Sep-2017 - Advice relating to Mount Agung, Indonesia -Volcanic activity on 18th September 2017

6-Sep-2017 - Advice relating to Hurricane Irma on 6th September 2017

25-Aug-2017 - Advice relating to Hurricane Harvey, United States

18-Aug-2017 - Advice relating to Barcelona, Spain terror attack on 18th August 2017

27-Mar-2017 - Advice relating to Cyclone Debbie

22-Nov-2016 - Advice relating to the earthquake in Japan

14-Nov-2016 - Advice relating to the earthquake in New Zealand

7-Oct-2016 - Advice regarding Hurricane Matthew

6-Oct-2016 - Updated advice regarding the Mount Rinjani Volcanic Ash Cloud

28-Sep-2016 - Advice regarding the Mount Rinjani Volcanic Ash Cloud

1-Sep-2016 - Advice regarding the severe weather in Hawaii

12-Aug-2016 - Information regarding the Thailand Bombings

11-Aug-2016 - Updated advice regarding the Mount Rinjani Volcanic Ash Cloud

2-Aug-2016 - Advice regarding the Mount Rinjani Volcanic Ash Cloud

16-Jul-2016 - Advice regarding the Military Coup in Turkey

15-Jul-2016 - Advice regarding the Terror Attack in Nice, France

30-Jun-2016 - Updated Information regarding the Zika Virus

29-Jun-2016 - Important information regarding the Istanbul Attacks

3-Jun-2016 - Important Information regarding flooding affecting Europe

21-Feb-2016 - Important Information regarding Cyclone Winston

8-Feb-2016 - Advice for the Outbreak of the Zika Virus

15-Dec-2015 - Updated Advice for the Mount Rinjani Volcanic Ash Cloud

26-Nov-2015 - Updated Information regarding Mt Rinjani Volcanic Ash Cloud

3-Nov-2015 - Important Information Regarding Mt Rinjani Ash Cloud

5-Aug-2015 - Updated Information relating to Mt Raung Volcanic Ash Cloud

13-Jul-2015 - Updated Advice Regarding Mt Raung Volcanic Ash Cloud

3-Jul-2015 - Important Information Regarding Mt Raung Ash Cloud

19-Jun-2015 - USA Visa Delays

27-Apr-2015 - Important Information Regarding Nepal Earthquake

4-Nov-2014 - Important information regarding Ebola virus disease

7-Aug-2014 - Hurricane Iselle & Tropical Storm Julio

23-May-2014 - Thailand Military Coup

14-Feb-2014 - Mount Kelud Eruption

2-Feb-2014 - Thailand Political Protests